Our Mission

Managing Your Retirement Planning to Help Achieve Financial Longevity

UWM Healthcare Mission

Striving To Help Your And Your Family Achieve Financial Wellness Now Throughout Retirement

Our Mission at Universal Healthcare / Universal Wealth Management is to help you and your family gain the financial wellness you deserve to achieve your goals through the many major life transitions.

Fundamental to achieving financial wellness is knowing that your investment strategies have been coordinated to support each of your life goals.

Fully Professional and Personalized Services
Trusting and Supportive Professional Relationship
Top- Notch Individualized and Thoughtful Financial, Investment, Social Security, Healthcare/Medicare Advice
Extensive Financial, Investment, Insurance Products and Services
Alignment of life goals with strategies for retirement
Ensuring the freedom that Financial Wellness brings
Dual Eligible Medicare/Medicaid Plans
Individual and Group Health Insurance
Social Security Retirement and Disability Benefits
We provide top-notch, individualized, and thoughtful financial advice and personalized service in the context of a trusting and supportive professional relationship.

Meet the team

We are working every day to provide you the security of knowing that together, we’ll stay prepared to anticipate the unexpected challenges that may come your way.

Medicare Simplified

We provide fully personalized Medicare and Social Security advice.


  • Understanding Social Security
  • Social Security Retirement Benefits
  • Social Security Disability Benefits
  • Understanding Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D
  • Enrollment in Medicare Health Plans
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Choosing the Best Medicare Plan For You
  • Dual Eligible Medicare/Medicaid Plans
  • Individual and Group Health Insurance
  • Individual and Group Medicare Health Insurance
  • Dental Plans

Medicare Untangled ©

A Translation of Healthcare Gobbledygook.

An essential healthcare resource that wades through a sea of government and corporate gobbledygook and untangles the complexities surrounding Medicare. Karen Emma, a leading financial advisor, simplifies Medicare’s many obscure moving parts and explains how to make the most of Medicare benefits and what to beware. Includes an invaluable dictionary defining Medicare acronyms.